Bringing over 20 years of experience as the leader in original hospice design, Matrix understands the fundamental elements unique to a hospice community, while incorporating aspects essential to everyday life, such as privacy, space for family interaction and reflection.

At Matrix, we place the patient and family at the center of our design. Yet, we recognize inpatient facilities bring together teams of physicians, nurses, clergy, social workers and volunteers to provide an array of patient and family services. Through knowledgeable design, we help you provide the best possible care - in a compassionate and personal way - while supporting high facility function. We begin each project with the premise there are no standard solutions, each program is unique. With this view in mind, we develop distinctive solutions that feature a level of comfort and quality that is reminiscent of home - all within an efficient, friendly environment.

A View From the Pillow

To enhance design, one must experience. And that's just what James Faulkner, President and Founder, did. For two days, he became an inpatient in a hospice facility and experienced, first-hand, the effect the environment imposes on a terminal patient. His observations led to dramatic improvements in design:

Village Square

The story behind the conception of the Village Square is a simple one. Years of experience designing Hospice facilities and dealing with the bereavement process made us acutely aware of an area of need: the patients' families should have a place. Their own place. Somewhere that takes them back to the familiar comforts of day-to-day living during a time that is anything but comfortable or familiar. This place needed to be close to their loved one, yet able to transport family members to nostalgic, happier times, if only for a few moments, that place became Village Square.

Bringing the Outside In

We incorporate the aesthetics of nature in every design, with strategically placed views from within the facility. We develop natural microenvironments in courtyards and plantings outside patient windows to encourage and entice wildlife to this setting.

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